One of my favorites from the Chinese Cuisine

Hotpot - gotta love it! At least I do, to everyone's grief. I always want to eat hotpot, but unfortunately for me, hotpot is a group activity, and my dear roomie Xiao Wang does not want to eat hotpot as often as I do. Luckily, I brought my sister this time, and she agreed to have her last dinner in China at my favorite hotpot place just across the street from where I live. Yum!

Handmade noodles are being cooked - very fresh and need only one minute to cook!
Spinach - one of my favorite hotpot additions, after the lotus root
We had half the pot with spicy duck blood and tofu sauce(<3), and half with mushroom (not so spicy and therefore not as tasty^^)
And of course, the essential sauce. At this hotpot place, there is a sauce bar, so you mix your own sauce. Mine contains peanut sauce, fresh veggies, some seeds I don't really know what are called, and chili. MMmm!

I am so buying a hotpot kit when I'm leaving - wonder where I can get hold of that ...

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