Her first days in Beijing.

No wonder, we've done a lot of shopping. Surprisingly enough, a lot of practical stuff - winter shoes, for instance, but then ... she did get fake nails. And buy another three pairs of shoes (all very nice, of course, even though one pair turned out to have the tip pointing in the wrong direction on one of the shoes. Street vendors ...).

We had Korean BBQ for lunch, which is delicious. We even had our own little "cookie"-aprons - which I suspect were actually meant to be "cook"-aprons. Chinglish is so charming! We were treated Peking duck for dinner by Xiao Wangs parents, and after queing up for en hour to get a table (this is Beijing's number one Peking Duck restaurant! ^^), the food we were served tasted even better. One of my favorite Chinese dishes!

Today we went to the Forbidden City. We stood in line for an eternity - it seemed all of China wanted to join us walking through the once peaceful courtyards. We had a good time though, and the ice cream there was soo good! This was the third time I was there, so the pictures probably are getting boring - but hey, three's the charm! And the Weather was fantastic, as it has been since she arrived. 北京欢迎你!

We ate dumplings for lunch, at one of the best dumpling places in Beijing, close to the Forbidden city. I managed to find this place when I was there with Jonas, after a bit of wandering around, and magically enough I remembered where it was and brought us safe to shore this time as well. The pork dumplings were fabulous. Now it's time for hotpot for dinner, and then: KTV!

Mia with her newly purchased hand bag
Korean bbq - ox tongue, yumyum! (My Chinese friend thought I'd frown upon this - she didn't know we eat this in Norway every Christmas!)
oops ... 
Peking duck accessories 
... and the duck itself. 

Weather <3
I got to wear my hat again!Photobucket
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  1. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~