Love the way you listen

Yesterday I did something I though I’d never do. The nice bar near our home abroad was having an Open Mic Night, and some friends and I were there. We were just sitting there, minding our own business and listening to the guy with the guitar (who was actually pretty good), when my favorite song started playing. I sang along, as I always do when I hear my favorite songs, but the guitar guy only knew the refrain, and when he saw me singing the verse, he got up, walked across the room, took my hand and asked me to come join him. People were cheering and clapping, and as embarrassing as it might be, this WAS my favorite song ... So I went with him up to the microphone. And sang. Oh, did I mention the verses of my favorite song is a rap? Yes, my Open Mic-premiere was clumsily rapping along to Love the Way You Lie by Eminem and Rihanna. 
At least I didn’t chicken out! And I got a complimentary drink from the bartender afterwards for my fantastic (*coughs*) preformance. Go me!
... I dare you to be brave enough to do the same!


My prize

Pictures taken by the awesome Wang Xiaojie<3

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  1. WOOOT WOOOT! Så kult med bilder også, det visste jeg ikke! :D